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Mild Steel Plates
Plates are normally available in different grades as per the end use like for general fabrication Mild steel is used, Where their is more of wear and tear their Carbon / Alloy Steel is used as per the requirements. Mild Steel plates are used mainly for the manufacture of bridges, steel structures, ships, large diameter pipes, storage tanks, boilers, railway wagons and pressure vessels.

Mild Steel Plates Cuttings
Plates, while being rolled are bigger than the ordered size. Hence to achieve the exact ordered size, the excess metal is cut, thereby leaving the cuttings in both width and length. It starts from thickness 5mm to 150mm in size and the width and the length could be from 200mm to any width and 1000mm to any length, for us to trade in it.


This is a structural material with cross section of 90 degree angle. The dimension is determined by the length and the thickness of the two sides. If the lengths of the two sides are equal, it is equal angle, otherwise it is unequal. It is used in all construction activity. The most common length available is between 10m to 12m.

Common Grades: IS 2062/1999 and SAILMA Copper bearing structurals are also rolled as per customer's specifications. High strength quality light structurals as per the needs of TLT manufacturers also available.

Structurals are also available in the following foreign specifications: ASTM-A-36, JIS-G-3101-SS400, BS-4360 Grades 40A, 43A, 43B, 43C, 50B, 50C, EN-10025, Grades S-275 JO, JR, S-355 JO, JR, DIN-17100 ST 37.2/44.2 (all in semi-killed quality), if sufficient orders are available.

Joists / Beams
Joists have a H cross section and have dimensions in the format of length of the horizontal part to the vertical part in the H. They are mainly used in construstion for providing strength to the roof. They are also used as support structure for bridges.

Rounds / Squares
Rounds: As the name suggests, this product has a circular cross section. It is referred in terms of the diameter of the circle

Squares: As the name suggests, this product has a rectangular cross section.


Flats are basically thin strips of mild steel with the thickness of the strip varying commonly from 5mm to 100mm though thicker flats are also available.


TMT Bars
Thermo mechanically treated (TMT) steel, can be described as a new-generation-high-strength steel having superior properties such as weldability, strength, ductility and tensility, which meet the highest international quality standards.


Chequered Plates
Checkered steel plates are steel plates with rhombic shapes on the surface Because of the rhombic shapes, the surface of the plates are rough,which can be used as floor. Checkered steel plates are measured and represented by plate thickness, and thickness varies from 2.5mm to 8mm. Checkered steel plates are made of #1-#3 common carbon steels.

Hot Rolled (H.R) & Cold Rolled(C.R) Sheets/Coils
As cast ground slabs are first heated and soaked in reheating furnace, rolled in roughing mill to intermediate thickness and then to the final. Cold rolled coils and sheets are produced after being processed in continuous anneal & pickle line, pass mill slitting line and cut to length lines. Sheets & cold rolled coils are available in different finishes

Galvanized Plain (G.P) & Galvanized Corrugated(G.C) Sheets/Coils

These are cold rolled sheets / strips coated with zinc metal, process is known as galvanising. Used in roofing, paneling etc.GP sheets are normally produced by hot dip galvanising of CR sheets / strips in liquid zinc bath. GC sheets are obtained upon corrugating of GP sheets in corrugating machine. Galvanised sheets are used mainly in roofing, paneling, automobile bodies, trunks / boxes etc.

Mild Steel Slab
The mild steel slabs are slabs cast in a single strand slab caster of the steel melt shop. Liquid steel is produced through the induction furnace, LRF convertor and slab caster route. Their thickness starts from 155mm to 350mm.


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